Front-end Tutorial 1 – Level 5

The next series of tutorials we will be spending to create the famous snakes games.

These are the functional requirements:-

  • The snake goes on devouring new blocks that increase his size.
  • The more blocks that he devours, the more score that the user will get and the more difficult it would become to manoeuvre on the screen.
  • If the snake hits the side of the screen, game will be over and the snake would be dead.
  •  There are three difficulty levels: Easy, Medium and Hard: the difference being the speed the snake moves.
  • The initial high score is 1000 and as the user plays, the score gets altered with the highest score achieved.

snakes game

New words for you:-

Functional Requirements: These are the requirements that specify how the program/website is supposed to behave. These specify the normal interactions with the website and how the program will respond.

Non-functional Requirements: These are the requirements that the user will not directly see, however, it affects his overall satisfaction in the website. Examples including performance and security.

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