Bootstrap is too heavy!

Do you use Bootstrap? Do you not use Bootstrap? Is Bootstrap a good framework? Hmmmm.

First of all, what is Boostrap? Boostrap is by far the most commonly used CSS framework. It supports SASS and LESS and comes with its own Javascript library that helps us create fancy interfaces, modals and sliders. Sounds great? Right?

Well, it does and indeed, it is a great framework built by twitter and I think that in the past five or six projects, I have used Boostrap. My only concern with Bootstrap is that we, in almost all projects, rarely use five percent of its features and most of the time incorporate this huge framework, causing performance and maintainability issues. Please, let me know if you have ever used Jumbotron. I know I haven’t.

So, should we not use Boostrap? No, please, do use it! But, customise it to your needs. Only, download the features that you want to download. Because, Boostrap does offer you this feature for 3.x:

You don’t need to include anything in your code that is not needed and pay a heavy performance price. So that as much as the Bootstrap is necessary for things like responsive and so forth, I don’t like to include the whole framework just for that. For me personally, I prefer to download just the grid of Bootstrap. I think that this is more than enough for my needs and I can use my own custom classes for the rest. Note that, the Bootstrap classes can be very annoying from a maintainability perspective.

It had been a pleasure writing this blog for you guys and I wish you guys will share your thoughts on this one. How do you normally use Boostrap? Do you find a good framework? Would love to know :).

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