Twenty First world

Google find new websites in a matter of few hours after their creation sometimes. Google then makes a list of all popular keywords that people search for in Google Adwords so that people are encouraged to buy dot coms’. Sites like GoDaddy sell domain names at a very cheap price. WordPress can make websites within few  minutes without the need of designer or developer. One can lean on web hosting so he doesn’t have to own his own hardware resources at a very cheap price. Sites like Stack Overflow encourage very rough competition for answering questions that one can find sound answers within few minutes after a question was posted sometimes. It seams like an option whether or not you want to get engaged in an online community but it is not an option nowadays. The gap between you and the internet world is increasing every moment you don’t engage yourself in it. The whole world is getting digitized and you must engage yourself in an online community because your very survival depends on it. No matter how old or young you are, you cannot turn your back to the internet world.

Youtube world have made an enormous wealth of information available to all kinds of people with all amounts of knowledge and information and one has only to catch this change. These people who are broadcasting information on Youtube are people wanting to get famous, rich or get hired. Being famous is no longer tied to the selected and lucky few who can get themselves on TV. Nowadays, one doesn’t have to be on TV to get known and famous. This even affected the Movie and TV market adversely. All one wants to get visible is to have an internet cable,  PC and a digital video camera. One would tend to think that getting visible had became easier this way. On the contrary, it had became harder as the competition had become much fiercer than ever it was  before.

There had been a drastic change in Today’s world when compared to the world twenty or thirty years ago. This change had left many people clueless and jobless. Primary change had been on internet and information sharing. This totally changed the form of media and how to expose yourself to the employment market and to the world in general. Bachelor degree in any field is meaningless nowadays, because anyone can get the same amount of information and more if he engages himself in online discussions and forums.


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