Front-End Tutorial 3 – Level 0

 This tutorial is going to be the first one in developing the BoxiBall game described in details in the previous tutorial. If you are a total beginner in front-end programming, this tutorial has two pre-requisite tutorials necessary for you to watch. Please, search for them on our Facebook page, Google Plus page, LinkedIn page, my own personal page or YouTube Channel. You would be able to find links to all of these here.

 1) Type in the following in a blank text document using your favourite text editor:-

 <!DOCTYPE html>

2) Save the file as BoxyBall.html. Open it using Google Chrome’s latest version.

3) Change the title to: Ball Game.

4) Save the file, refresh the browser and note the effect.

5) Change the body’s content to:




6) Save the file.

For more information for the html tags, watch next tutorial which comes as an optional tutorial although it is highly recommended.

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